10/365 – ‘Coming Around Again’, Carly Simon (1986) – 365 Days of Music

I love the 1980s.  All synths and big beats and weird electronic sounds and fancy bouffants.

This song appears as the theme to one of my favourite Meryl Streep films, ‘Heartburn’.  Carly Simon wrote the score and an instrumental version of this song opens the film.  It was there that I discovered the song.  The film itself is based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, written by the recently-departed Nora Ephron.  Adultery, trust and politics are the major themes.  ‘Coming Around Again’ may sound like your run-of-the-mill 80s ballad, but it is actually a quite deep and personal song.  It describes the good and bad sides of marriage and family life as depicted in the film, something that Simon herself had also been through during her divorce from James Taylor in 1983.

A few years ago I managed to find a vinyl copy of the single in a Manchester record shop for just 50p.  The cover showed Meryl and her co-star, Jack Nicholson.  It was one of my best bargain buys and it came with me to London for when I finally buy that elusive record player…


Author: hungryheart87

31-year-old Lancashire lass living in West Yorkshire.

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