23/365 – ‘The Good Old Days’, The Libertines (2002) – 365 Days of Music

If you’ve lost your faith in love and music / oh, the end won’t be long

The Libertines remain one of the greatest bands this country has ever produced.  Shame that Pete Doherty’s addiction problems overshadowed a large part of the band’s success and ultimately they peaked too soon.  Still, I listen to them now and I am reminded of a time when I first was discovering this brand of early 00s indie/rock music.  The uncomfortable honesty of the lyrics Pete wrote have often chimed in time with periods of my own life, and this song in particular takes me back to some of my worst days (though thankfully I never turned to drugs).

Because if it’s gone for you then I too may lose it / And that would be wrong


11/365 – ‘Saturday Night’, The Underdog Project (2002) – 365 Days of Music

A bit of cheesy dance music for your ears.  This song reminds me of every Saturday night I’ve ever had down King Street in my hometown of Wigan, specifically the bending, sticky dancefloor of Surfer’s Paradise (formerly Walkabout).  There was a time I loved this song so much that I couldn’t listen to it until at least Thursday and listening to it on a Monday was a crime.  I miss those Saturday nights, but everything changes and the nights out I have now are never quite as good as I remember the ones of old.  And the hangovers are so much worse these days!