10/365 – ‘Coming Around Again’, Carly Simon (1986) – 365 Days of Music

I love the 1980s.  All synths and big beats and weird electronic sounds and fancy bouffants.

This song appears as the theme to one of my favourite Meryl Streep films, ‘Heartburn’.  Carly Simon wrote the score and an instrumental version of this song opens the film.  It was there that I discovered the song.  The film itself is based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, written by the recently-departed Nora Ephron.  Adultery, trust and politics are the major themes.  ‘Coming Around Again’ may sound like your run-of-the-mill 80s ballad, but it is actually a quite deep and personal song.  It describes the good and bad sides of marriage and family life as depicted in the film, something that Simon herself had also been through during her divorce from James Taylor in 1983.

A few years ago I managed to find a vinyl copy of the single in a Manchester record shop for just 50p.  The cover showed Meryl and her co-star, Jack Nicholson.  It was one of my best bargain buys and it came with me to London for when I finally buy that elusive record player…


8/365 – ‘Sometimes’, Erasure (1986) – 365 Days of Music

The Reflex nightclub (formerly Flares).  Friday night.  Some time between 2005 and 2006.  A sticky, neon dancefloor.  Some terrible, shitty made-up concoction masquerading as a cocktail.  Me and 5 of my best girl friends.  Lots of 40-something men perving on us.  This song.  We didn’t have a care in the world.  I miss it.

2/365 – ‘Come On Eileen’, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, 1982 – 365 Days of Music

Ah, the ultimate feel-good song.  Guaranteed to get anyone dancing at a wedding.

In the late 80s/early 90s, my family holidayed every year in the south of England.  For one week in the height of summer, we would do the 3-hour drive to Gloucestershire and stay at the Hoburn Cotswold Family Holiday Park in one of their many caravans.  My aunt, uncle and cousins would usually join us.  This was the best week of my whole year.  Memories are too numerous to mention here (I’d be here forever) but I guess a few come to mind: my Dad wading out into the fishing lake to rescue his escaped rod, my cousins peddling their pedalo boat back to shore as if their lives depended on it when a sudden storm emerged over the park, watching the 1994 World Cup Final in our caravan before my Dad proceeded to fight me and my brother with an inflatable hammer… oh, and dancing to ‘Come On Eileen’ every night in the park’s clubhouse.

On New Year’s Eve 2012, me and my Mum danced around our living room to this song as it was played live on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny programme.  It was a lovely mother-daughter moment that harked us back to those great holidays so many years ago.   Glorious, wonderful memories.  Things you can never get back – but you know that even if you could get them back, it never could or would be the same.