It’s been a long time!  Multiple things have been keeping me from WordPress, namely work and my personal life. The months between May and November are the busiest for me in my job and blogging hasn’t been high on my priority list recently.


That is going to change now work has calmed down (well, until February) and I have had closure on some major issues in my personal life. First up – I’m bringing back 365 Days of Music. My last post was on 24/365, so look out for number 25.


1/365 – ‘That’ll Be The Day’, Buddy Holly, 1957 – 365 Days of Music

This first blog post on my 365 Days of Music project comes from my bed.  This isn’t that unusual.  Most Friday nights I’m in bed at 8pm.  But today I have been off work sick after coming down with some viral nastiness over the last few days.  I’m going to a big gig tomorrow night so I’m praying for a miracle overnight cure this evening.

Part of the reason I am doing this blog is to take a look through the variety of genres on my iPod.  The range of music I enjoy is thanks in no small part to my parents.   Therefore it’s quite apt that the first song on this project should be Buddy Holly.  He’s one of the first artists I remember my Dad playing to me in my childhood and perhaps formed the basis of my love for 50s and 60s rock and roll from an early age.  I remember it very clearly, actually.  My Dad bought a CD player in the early 1990s.  It was a fairly hefty thing, as were most CD players back then (it’s bizarre to think that the CD itself is dying out).  I remember a few of the first CDs my Dad owned – ‘Crossroads’ by Bon Jovi, a Tina Turner greatest hits record, one of the first Puremoods compilations, and yes, Buddy’s greatest hits.  It had a blue-ish cover if I remember correctly.  My memory, as you can see, is quite impressive.

But that’s where the intricacies of this particular memory end.  I remember Buddy and I remember loving his music.  And this song was the first track on the CD.  As soon as the guitar riff kicks in, you’re back in 1957.  My Dad would have been 8-years-old at that time.  It’s a great song and one that served me well in trivia quizzes later in life.  I specifically remember one of those end-of-the-school-year quizzes in my English class in year 9 and the answer being ‘That’ll Be The Day’.  I don’t recall the question – but I know I got it right.  I was the only one who knew that answer too, a testament to both my memory and the longevity of my love of “old music” even at 14-years-old and now at 25.

Anyway, here is the song itself.  And RIP to my dear Dad, whose 17th anniversary falls on Tuesday (5th March).  I love you and miss you.  Thanks for the music. x