London Calling.

I’ve wanted to move to London for about 5 or 6 years.  I first visited London proper in 2004 on a college trip and it was love at first sight.  I’ve been back and forth ever since then, staying for as little as 12 hours and as long as 4 days.  For me, there is very little I dislike about London.  That’ll probably change now I live here and have to cope with its mood swings every day.  But for now I’m happily in my little London-is-still-a-novelty bubble.

Talking about moving to London and moving to London are clearly two enormously different things.  But in the last 2 years, since I met some of my best friends down here, the pull towards moving here permanently became stronger.  Every time my train pulled out of Euston I felt like I had left a piece of me behind [insert melodrama].  So I decided in late 2010 that 2011 would be the year to finally bite the bullet.  I didn’t realise how quickly things would move.  Not that I haven’t had my doubts.  When my mum took ill with pneumonia in March, I went back and forth over my decision.  Thankfully she made a fine recovery.  And London was back on.

I made numerous applications, most of which were rejected.  I had one telephone interview that didn’t progress beyond that stage.  But when I applied to work at University of London, it felt different.  I felt I had a very strong application – a feeling that proved true.  And on May 4th 2011 I came down to London, interviewed, and found out I had the job the very next day.

And so here I am.  After an intense and stressful weekend of house hunting in north London in May 2011, I find myself in a little town called Wood Green.  I have a nice house.  A lovely room.  And a job I still enjoy, but I’m only 3 weeks in… so come back in a few months and I may have changed my mind.  As a Libran, this indecision and to-ing and fro-ing is a terrible flaw of mine.

I have created this blog as a place where anyone who gives a fuck can come and see what I’m up to here in the capital city now I finally live here.  I suspect it may turn into a blog of ranting, complaining and/or fangirling over the many musical/film/sporting loves of my life.  Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy it.  I have no intentions of becoming the next Carrie Bradshaw but I’d like to give it a shot.  Without the interesting love life, I fear this goal is just a tad unrealistic…