I read with interest the Metro article on the Lib Dem conference and its vote on their drug policy.  They have voted – and are now bound to the result of that vote – to legalise cannabis for personal use and “undermine the supply chain”, thus removing the criminal element.  This is now official party policy.

I despair of the debates we have in Britain re: drugs.  I can see both sides of the issue: legalise, and remove the criminal element.  Legalise, and legitimise recreational drug use. Sadly politicians rarely go for a multi-partisan approach.  Regardless of my own views on drug laws, I am disappointed when politicians jump on the “you support drug users” argument purely because they disagree with policy, and use it for sensationalist political gain.  I quote: “Conservative MP Charles Walker dismissed the Lib Dem vote. ‘If they think taking heroin and cocaine and smoking skunk is OK that’s up to them but the government and most people in Britain do not agree,’ he said.” (Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/875846-personal-drugs-like-cocaine-and-heroin-should-be-legal-say-liberal-democrats#ixzz1YPGe2nkK).  I also despair when politicians use statements like “most people” – can you prove you asked every citizen in this country and produce evidence to corroborate this?

Instead of simply disagreeing and articulating a counter-argument, Mr Walker goes for the cliched response.  Yes, because clearly what the Lib Dems are saying is we should legalise all drugs and freely buy heroin, crack and acid!  Party down!

*insert sigh*.